San Gorgonio Section

title:  Minutes November 2011


American Chemical Society

San Gorgonio Local Section

Executive Board Meeting

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Eileen DiMauro home




Present:  Eileen DiMauro, Dennis Pederson, Jim Hammond, David Srulevitch   


Guest: none


Absent: Ernie Simpson, Kathy Swartout (submitted resignation letter)


  1. Minutes of the October meeting were approved with corrections.


  1. Next Board meeting is scheduled for January 14th to go over by-laws, a meeting is also scheduled to discuss Academic Safety Workshop, December 2nd at Eileen’s.


  1. Officers reports


a.       Chair: see below


b.      Chair Elect: absent.


c.       Secretary: David participated in the Mole Day Activities at Mt.Sac, and did

demonstration of Atomic Emission Spectra. See also under WRM.


d.       Treasurer: Funds have been received for the earlier nanogrant. They were received along with the Section’s allotment. Income report was provided and it is attached to this report.


e.       Councilor Hammond: see attached report.


Councilor Simpson: absent


  1. Web-site update. The website is up and has links to ACS information. Eileen is updating the website on a monthly basis.


  1. Ballot.  David provided a copy of a proposed finalized ballot for the upcoming elections. We are still in need of a Chair-elect. Dennis will try to contact Kevin Simpson about the possibility of running for this office.


  1.  High School Olympiad. Eileen talked with Michael Page and he is willing to     help organize the testing but he does not have time to head the organization. Dennis   has volunteered to run the CSUSB section of the Olympiad. Eileen will check to see if the other section can be run at CPP. The Laboratory Test section of the Olympiad could be run at CSUSB.


  1. Mole Day/Quiz Show Report. A total of approximately 150 visitors and 70 student/faculty volunteers participated in the Mole Day Activities. Very few people participated in the Quiz Show that took place during the afternoon.

Mt. Sac has tentatively agreed to host it again next year. It might be possible to have the activities on two days, one evening dedicated to the Quiz Show and a day/afternoon dedicated to on campus demonstrations and other activities.


  1. Honoring 50-60 year members. Certificates were mailed by Eileen, no certificate was returned. Also a letter was mailed to the recipients asking for information to be posted on the website. No responses have been received so far.


  1. Western Regional Meeting. November 10-12 at Pasadena. The Section decided to have an informational table to meet with members. The cost is $175 and a check will be provided to pay for the cost. David and Eileen will monitor the table during Friday and Saturday. David will prepare an informational survey for members to complete and provide feedback of interests for the Section.



  1.  Set up process for updating by-laws. We will have a January Meeting (14th) to go over new by-laws.


  1. May Awards Dinner: A plaque was presented during Mole Day Activities to past Board Member Pat Perez.

We established tentative tie-breaker rules for awarding scholarships. We will select from the Exam 10 questions at random and in case of a tied score the student that has the highest number of the selected question correct will be placed in a higher position. In case of a tie in this first tie breaker, a second set of pre-selected question will be used and the process repeated one more time. Only one scholarship will be awarded per student if the student takes the exam several times during his high school tenure.



  1. Planning for next “Academic Laboratory Workshop. A planning meeting was scheduled for December 2nd at Eileen’s; anyone interested in helping organize is welcomed to attend. A date for the workshop has not been set, but it is likely to be not earlier than February 2012.




Respectfully submitted,


David B. Srulevitch