San Gorgonio Section

San Gorgonio Section Members Questionnaire


San Gorgonio Section Members Questionnaire


Name:                                          email:                                  phone #:


ACS member         yes __      no__                            SGS member     yes__       no__


Work affiliation      Industrial __                              Academic __                                        other __


Institution Name ____________________________________


Have you participated in any of the SGS activities during the last 12 months?  yes__     no__


If you answer is no, could you briefly explain your reasons?




What type of presentation or function would you most likely be willing to attend?




Would you be willing to host a meeting at your institution?  yes__       no__


At your institution are there any speakers that you would like to recommend?   yes__   no__


Are you willing to volunteer your time to the SGS?   yes__    no__


                        Program committee                     Industry__                Academic__


                        Project SEED Mentor       __  



Thank you for your time in answering this questionnaire,


San Gorgonio Section